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Some people have been wondering where they can hear more of Jessica’s music and songs she has sang on Degrassi. You can view all of her music here on her myspace! Enjoy!

Kary’s Review for Tears Dry on Their Own Part 1

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Kary\’s Review for TDOTO Part 1


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Due to the fact of the leaks being delayed today I do not have any opinions on tonights episodes yet. I do not have teennick so i will have to wait until they sureface online. But for those who have seen the episode, leave your thoughts and comments on tonights episode!

What about Anya?

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As seen in the last episode, (My Body is a Cage 2) we learn that Anya’s mom has cancer! It was sure a dramatic twist for her character! But that was not the only secret dumped in that episode. Anya is also informed of that affair between Holly J and Sav! This makes me wonder… do you think there will be problems in the future for these three or do you think she could care less? Let me know what you think in a comment 🙂

Kary’s new post!

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Kary\’s Degrassi blog weekly review! click here!

Tears Dry on Their Own

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1017 – Tears Dry On Their Own, Part One
Jenna is determined to try out for the reality show The Next Teen Star…until the ultimate complication presents itself. Connor reconnects with his older online love.

1018 – Tears Dry On Their Own, Part Two
Jenna faces the prospect of being a single teen parent and worries her dream of stardom is over before it has begun. Connor’s online romance troubles only intensify with a face-to-face meeting.

I don’t know about you guys, but this is one episode i have been waiting along time for. I find both of these plots extremly exciting, especially since we don’t usually see a lot of Connor. Especially with his mental handicap i can’t wait to see how this plot plays out. As for Jenna and KC, it is pretty out now that Jenna is 100% preggers, so there really isn’t any element of surprise left to the plot… or is there. There has been speculation going around that it may not be KC’s baby. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! 

Looks like Jenna made it past the first round. I wonder how her and KC will celebrate... 😉

Degrassi Music

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Have you ever watched an episode of Degrassi and heard a song you absolutly loved? Having a hard time finding it? Much Music has a list of all the songs that have been heard in each episode. Here’s the link!


Kary’s My Body is a Cage Part 2 Review

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Kary\’s Degrassi blog review of My Body is a Cage Part 2

Kary’s Degrassi Review of My Body is a Cage Part 1

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Kary\’s Degrassi blog review of My Body is a Cage Part 1

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Mike here just letting who ever is reading this, that my blog is new and i have just created this today. Please give it a chance. I plan on updating it daily. thanks for your time !

– Mike

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